Kids and the markets

By Brian Weisberger, Investment Analyst I was recently having a discussion with some friends about how to introduce their kid to investing in the markets.  We reflected back to when we were in middle school and teachers gave an assignment where we were giving $1,000 in mock money (that was big money for middle schoolers […]

By Scott Whyte, AAMS, Financial Advisor Bloom Asset Management Recently I wrote a blog on what types of social security benefits might be available for a divorced spouse.  Another area of social security benefits that is important for those who are married is the rights of widows and widowers to be able to qualify for […]

New Tax Laws Come with New Tax Forms

By Cindy Szymanski, CFP®, Financial Advisor Bloom Asset Management         The Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare, as it is commonly referred to, has some key tax reporting provisions for the 2014 tax filing season.  Before reviewing how and if you have to report, let’s review some new terms: Minimum Essential Coverage […]

By Ken Bloom, J.D., LLM Bloom, Bloom & Associates  If you own a small business, this time of year you are making sure your employees are receiving their W-2s and hopefully are getting your taxes organized.  But one thing that may get lost on your desk is the Annual Statement or Report you are required […]

Where Are the Opportunities in 2015?

By Jack K. Riashi, Jr., CFP®, Financial Advisor Bloom Asset Management Last year was another stellar year for the domestic stock markets, with the S & P 500 finishing the year up by nearly 14%. This was on top of an outsized gain in 2013 of more than 31% by the S & P 500 […]

What a year! Now what?

By Brian Weisberger, Investment Analyst So, we are at the beginning of the New Year, and it is time for everyone to reflect back on 2014. This is that great time to do that final 2014 “housekeeping” for your portfolio and get ready for 2015. By now you have probably noticed that your capital gains […]

Expired Tax Breaks, or Not for 2014?

By Cindy Szymanski, CFP®, Financial Advisor Bloom Asset Management The end of 2014 is fast approaching, and with it is another tax filing season. With our current administration in Washington, it seems more and more common to have to wait until the very last moment to find out of tax breaks really have expired or […]

Money doesn’t always buy happiness

By Ken Bloom, J.D., LLM Bloom Asset Management Can money buy you happiness? As someone who lives in the world of money management and estate planning, certainly wealth building for the future is something I help clients with every day. But a recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlighted recent research that indicates that […]

By Scott Whyte, AAMS, Financial Advisor, Bloom Asset Management I conduct a number of seminars to help people better understand their Social Security benefits, and usually I am talking to an audience of married couples or people who have recently lost a spouse and are trying to determine the best strategy for their situation.  An […]

U.S. #1 in Oil and Gas Production

By Brian Weisberger, Financial Analyst Bloom Asset Management “We’re number one, we’re number one…”  I bet you didn’t realize that over the summer the United States surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia, the former #1, in the production of Oil and Natural Gas around the globe. Now understand these global oil powers are not just idly […]

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