ID Theft Happens to Minors Too!

By Cindy Szymanski, CFP®, Financial Advisor I was reading an article this past weekend that really made me think about how vulnerable children are when it comes to ID theft and their credit. To summarize what I read, a young woman had her identity stolen when she was 11 years old, but didn’t find out […]

The “Best Investments” for 2016

By Jack K. Riashi, Jr. CFP® This is the time of the year when popular financial magazines produce their “Best Investments” lists for the New Year. Many of these articles include comments from professionals from all corners of the investment world including fund managers, advisors, and even hedge funds. Unfortunately, while well-intended, I think the […]

By Cindy Szymanski, CFP®, Financial Advisor Well, it’s official – the government has determined that inflation is pretty much at zero. So, for the 3rd time since 1975, there will be no cost of living adjustment (COLA) for social security recipients in 2016! You may ask, how does the government make this determination? Well, for […]

Individual Bonds vs. Bond Mutual Funds

By Jack K. Riashi, Jr. CFP®, Financial Advisor A debate has been picking up steam in our industry between individual bonds and bond mutual funds ever since interest rates jumped substantially in April and May of 2013. During that period, the 10-year Treasury bond yield jumped nearly 1.00%, which was one of the biggest increases […]

By Ken Bloom, J.D., LLM As the baby boomer generation ages and begins to face retirement, those boomers who are business owners face different decisions that go beyond making sure their retirement portfolio is in order. Often they worked long and hard to build their businesses and now want to either slow down or fully […]

The “Global” Federal Reserve

By Brian Weisberger, Investment Analyst The current Federal Reserve was officially created in 1913 as an entity to create stability and give the public faith in the banking system again after a major financial crisis that seemed to peak in 1907. According to the Fed, its mandate is to “promote sustainable, high levels of employment, […]

Time for Year-End Tax Planning

By Cindy Szymanski, CFP®, Financial Advisor As I write this, fall is now official and we are approaching the last three months of the year. This is a great time to review your tax situation for 2015 and estimate your potential tax bill while there is still time to make some adjustments. The first thing […]

   By Jack K. Riashi, Jr. ®, Financial Advisor   By now, investors have probably received their August brokerage statements and have one of two reactions: 1. OMG! This is a disaster and I have to figure out what I should do to prevent further declines. 2. Okay, let me get a grip and realize […]

By Cindy Szymanski, CFP®, Financial Advisor Well, we are at the end of August already!  This is the month that young adults who are attending college are checking into their dorm rooms and have already begun or will soon begin their new semester. Whether this is your child’s first year of college or not, chances […]

By Jack K. Riashi, Jr., CFP® Financial Advisor Ford Motor Company made a surprise announcement that they would be removing the Fidelity Contrafund from their multi-billion dollar employee 401(k) plan effective after the market close on September 2, 2015.  I say a surprise announcement because Contrafund had been part of Ford’s plan for many years, […]

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