U.S. #1 in Oil and Gas Production

By Brian Weisberger, Financial Analyst Bloom Asset Management “We’re number one, we’re number one…”  I bet you didn’t realize that over the summer the United States surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia, the former #1, in the production of Oil and Natural Gas around the globe. Now understand these global oil powers are not just idly [...]

So You’re Having a Baby?

By Jonathan Goldberg, J.D., CPA Bloom, Bloom & Associates So you found out you are having a baby. The first things that run through your mind are the cost of baby food, diapers, college education and for the first few months of your new baby’s life, the amount of time of lost sleep. However, having [...]

Charitable Foundations and Your Taxes

By Cindy Szymanski, CFP®, Financial Advisor Many of us make regular charitable donations. Whether it is cash to a religious organization or a favorite charity, or maybe clothing/household items to organizations like Purple Heart, Red Cross or the Salvation Army – most of us donate something to a non-profit organization by the end of the [...]

By Rick Bloom, J.D., CPA Bloom Asset Management Last week at a talk I gave I was approached by a couple who wanted to know my thoughts on reverse mortgages. They wanted to know if they were gimmicky or something that they should consider. My answer was that I did not think reverse mortgages were [...]

By Ken Bloom, J.D., LLM Bloom Asset Management Fall is a perfect time to begin tax planning for 2014, because waiting too long can be disastrous. This year tax planning is especially challenging because Congress has failed to act on many tax breaks that expired at the end of 2013. Given the gridlock in Washington [...]

By Jack K. Riashi, Jr, CFP®, Financial Advisor, Bloom Asset Management If you haven’t heard the news by now, Bill Gross, the long-time portfolio manager and co-founder of PIMCO, announced he left the firm to take a position to manage a new bond fund at Janus Funds on Friday, September 26. While the timing of [...]

By Scott Whyte, AAMS®, Financial Advisor, Bloom Asset Management The Social Security Administration(SSA) announced recently that they have resumed mailing benefits statements which let workers know what they can expect to receive when they start drawing Social Security benefits. The SSA phased out the mailing of statements in 2011, which allowed them to save about $70 [...]

Planning for Death

By Jonathan Goldberg, J.D., CPA, Bloom, Bloom & Associates Recently, talented actor and comedian Robin Williams committed suicide. Joan Rivers had a complication from surgery and died due to the complication. Both cases provide us with an example of the importance of having a well thought-out estate plan. When someone dies, it does not matter [...]

By Cindy Szymanski, CFP®, Financial Advisor   The Treasury Department is sure to make the latest acronym in the retirement investing world more popular: The “QLAC” or Qualifying Longevity Annuity Contract. This past July, the Treasury Department issued final rules on this investment product in order for Americans who may have inadequate retirement savings save [...]

By Ken Bloom, J.D., LLM, Bloom Asset Management It is very common for parents (or grandparents) these days to want to help their children or grandchildren financially.  That is especially true in today’s difficult economy, when many young people are struggling to get good jobs, buy their first home or even afford to attend college. In [...]

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