By Brian Weisberger, Investment Analyst What is old is new again. We always joked around that if you wait long enough that thing that was so “in-fashion” years ago will come back around and be the new “in” thing again. Well, it is happening in the financial world. No, I am not talking about fractional [...]

By Jonathan Goldberg, J.D., CPA Bloom Bloom & Associates   If you have ever been to the hospital or even a doctor’s office these days, you have probably heard the acronym HIPAA being used.  The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”) is a medical privacy law to safeguard one’s medical information.  Generally, [...]

By Cindy Szymanski, CFP®, Financial Advisor Bloom Asset Management With the constant changes and premium increases in health insurance, more and more employers are going with high deductible health care plans for their employees in order to trim their costs. If you enrolled in a high deductible company health care plan, you can also open [...]

By Jack Riashi, Jr., CFP®, Financial Advisor Bloom Asset Management And the debate rages on and on and on….You can’t open a financial magazine or newspaper these days without an article about how most investors should use passively managed index mutual funds to construct their investment portfolios. Famous investors like Jack Bogle and others have [...]

By Scott Whyte, AAMS®, Financial Advisor, Bloom Asset Management During the month of May, I presented seminars on Social Security at both the Sterling Heights and Troy public libraries. A topic that I received several questions on was survivor benefits. As with anything having to do with Social Security, there are always nuances and complexities, and [...]

By Brian Weisberger Investment Analyst, Bloom Asset Management   People find out what I do for a living and I inevitably get everyone’s commentary on the markets. Not that I get too much new insight, but it is always interesting to hear people’s market sentiment and investment philosophy. For example, for more than a year I [...]

By Jonathan Goldberg, J.D., CPA,  Bloom, Bloom & Associates  This time of year, lots of people are thinking about buying or selling a home. If you own a home, or are about to buy one, you should consider an estate planning technique commonly known as a Lady Bird Deed. The Lady Bird deed is thought [...]

Graduation and Taxes

By Cindy Szymanski, CFP® Financial Advisor, Bloom Asset Management May has arrived and our Michigan record-breaking winter is finally behind us! Many college graduates have recently celebrated with commencement ceremonies and are ready to get out into the working world (or at least start looking). If you are a recent college grade, along with job [...]

By Rick Bloom, J.D., CPA Bloom Asset Management I read an article recently about a retired couple who is now home free. They sold their home and their possessions and they now travel the world living a month or so here and a month or so there. They have found that their cost of living [...]

By Ken Bloom, J.D., LLM Bloom, Bloom & Associates A recent article I read from Reuters discussed the ways the Baby Boomer generation was changing the” face” of     retirement, such as moving to areas other than Florida or Arizona (including other countries) and being more in debt when they enter retirement than previous generations. But [...]

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