What’s new for your 2011 Federal Income Tax Return?

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This is the time of year to start getting your tax return together. It is also the time to start looking at the various changes in the tax law for 2011 that could impact your return, along with some areas that many taxpayers overlook. The good news is that this year, the tax filing deadline […]

This time of year I see many articles regarding where to live in retirement. This is a tough question. During our working years, we all dream of our favorite places to live. If we like the water or golfing we think of warm places like Florida or Myrtle Beach. If we like to ski we […]

Wall Street, in its infinite wisdom, never ceases to amaze me as to how much free, and at times dangerous investment advice it doles out. I often wonder if the people on Wall Street even think about the advice they give and how it might influence the actions of the average investor and saver. The […]

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