Retirement Confidence Crumbles Again

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Retirement Confidence Crumbles Again

March is the month everyone should mark down in their calendars as “retirement awakening month.” That’s because every year since 1991 the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) has released its Annual Retirement Confidence Survey results in March ( This year, the results were not comforting at all and it begs the question, Why? With all […]

Earlier in March, Prudential Financial announced they will stop taking applications as of March 30 for individual Long-Term-Care insurance policies, which pay for nursing-home, assisted-living and in home care. It is another sign of the times in the difficult market which has beset insurance companies who provide long-term-care insurance. This brings to 10 the number […]

On March 9, 2009 the S&P 500 Index dropped to a low of 666. Three years later on March 9 the S&P Index closed at 1,371 — an increase of over 100%! Although the performance of the market has been impressive, many individual investors have not seen the benefit of the most recent bull market […]

Every time I read about another financial advisor who rips off their clients, it just kills me. Just the other day Joseph Fabian, a financial advisor from Gobles, Michigan was sentenced to 92 months in prison for defrauding 30 clients out of $4.8 million. Then just today, Alan Stanford was convicted of fraud for an […]

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