The Death of the 60/40 Portfolio is Greatly Exaggerated

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My profession is deluged with numerous investment articles about nearly everything you can imagine about the stock market, international investing, hedge funds, portfolio construction, and other topics. I read an article recently that caught my eye and was picked up and written about by Bret Arends, a regular columnist for the Wall Street Journal and […]

If you haven’t been on a very long vacation or living “off the grid” you probably have heard that is expected to become a publicly traded stock very soon. As of this writing, the company expects to finalize their IPO on Friday the 18th of May. I have been getting calls here and there […]

With unemployment trending downward (albeit at a very slow pace) and the stock market having doubled since March 2009, the economy seems to be picking up. Unfortunately, one economic indicator that really impacts many of us- real estate, specifically home values – has continued to lag. Subdivisions are littered with “for sale” signs and even […]

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