The “Fiscal Cliff” Explained

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The “Fiscal Cliff” Explained

The Fiscal Cliff is a popular term used lately in the media to describe a set of circumstances that we and the government face at the end of 2012. U.S. lawmakers have to choose between letting the current fiscal policy remain in effect at the beginning of 2013 or cancel some or all of the […]

I recently read some interesting results from various surveys and reports that should concern anyone planning or living in retirement. One report from the nonpartisan National Bureau of Economic Research found that a substantial percentage of people die with almost no assets. The researchers found that only 46 %of all seniors rely almost exclusively on […]

Collecting sports cards and memorabilia is a hobby that has been popular for decades. And while not every collector is lucky enough to have an Al Kaline, Wilt Chamberlain, Johnny Unitas or Willie Mays rookie card in mint condition, people’s collections can be quite valuable, especially among Baby Boomers who started collecting in the 1950s […]

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