Is a Lump Sum Better Than a Pension?

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Is a Lump Sum Better Than a Pension?

Based upon the number of companies offering retirees a lump-sum payment offer in-lieu of their pension you would certainly think that to be the case. However, the real answer to that question varies based upon a retiree’s individual situation. Over the past couple of months, I and other advisors at the firm have met with […]

As most taxpayers are aware, unless Congress acts by the end of the year the Bush Tax Cuts will expire. It should be noted that these tax cuts were designed to expire when they were enacted. However, if they are allowed to expire it will result in an increase in marginal tax rates, capital gain […]

When you stop and think about it, our future income stream generated from our wage earning power is our greatest asset, yet most of us don’t think about it in those terms. We rush off to work or school each day unaware that in one brief moment, our life could be changed forever by a […]

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