Investing in the New Frontier

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Investing in the New Frontier

By Brian Weisberger The title probably perked the ears of all my fellow Star Trek and Sci-Fi crowd.  Sorry, but all those references end here– well to some degree… When developing a strong investment portfolio the idea is to diversify your portfolio across various asset classes that not only give you broad exposure across various […]

By Jonathan Goldberg, J.D., CPA They say over 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. And while any divorce situation is traumatic for those involved, it is important to make sure anyone going through a divorce focus on both legal and financial issues they need to take care of after the final divorce papers are […]

Rebalance My Portfolio Now??

By Jack K. Riashi, Jr., CFP ® It seems you can’t watch the news or read a paper without knowing the stock market averages are hitting and surpassing all-time highs on a seemingly daily basis. It wasn’t long ago that the Dow Jones hit a low of around 6,700 in early 2009. Today, the Dow […]

Holiday gifts that stand the test of time!

By Cindy Szymanski, CFP® Don’t know what to give the children on your holiday shopping list this year? Make a contribution to their 529 plan. If they don’t have a 529 plan – just open one – it is easy to do. I started two plans for my great nephews, one who is also my […]

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