Your Employer Buyout Manifesto

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Your Employer Buyout Manifesto

    By:Jack K. Riashi, Jr., CFP® Ford Motor Company recently announced it was launching a voluntary incentive program (VIP) for white-collar employees, which would mostly affect salaried workers eligible for retirement as of December 31. Many of the automotive companies have offered these types of incentive programs, often called retirement buyouts, to its employees […]

Questions to ask when refinancing

    By: Stephanie Bloom With interest rates lower than ever, there is lots of talk about refinancing. It feels like I am constantly seeing ads mentioning low-costs, APRs, interest rates and points. Well, what does it all mean? First, let’s define some commonly used terms: Mortgage Term: This is the length of time you […]

    By: Jennifer Bloom Since the COVID-19 quarantine began many people, including myself, have been forced to work from home. If you didn’t have a home office before the pandemic you may have incurred some costs to set one up. Things like office furniture, upgraded Wi-Fi connections, computer costs, a printer and other supplies […]

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