5 Ways to Earn Money With a Contact-Free Side Hustle

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  By: Jennifer Bloom What is a side hustle you might ask? A side hustle is a way to make money outside of a traditional 9 to 5 job. In times of great economic uncertainty it’s not a bad idea to look at other ways to generate revenue. In the pre-COVID era there were lots […]

  By: Jennifer Bloom You have worked hard and saved money and for whatever reason you now want to engage the services of a professional financial advisor. It could be a life circumstance that prompts you to seek help like marriage, divorce, a job change, retirement or perhaps you feel as though you are making […]

Millennials get scammed too!

By: Jennifer Bloom When most people hear about scams, I think the assumption is that older adults are the ones impacted. However, a recent consumers report tells a very different story. Millennials are actually 25% more likely to report losing money to fraud then people over 40.  The report also found that millennials are twice […]

Cash In On Your Spring Cleaning!

  By: Jennifer Bloom Groundhogs and weather forecasters are predicting an early spring this year— let’s hope! While the temperatures are cold, I think it’s time to start thinking about some spring cleaning, and how you can turn your closet and unwanted items into cold hard cash! Technology has simplified the process of buying and […]

  By: Jennifer Bloom Kravis I am a millennial and to be totally honest, the label “millennial” often makes me cringe, mostly because we have been given such a bad rap in pop culture and the media. We have been called “Generation Me” for our presumed self-centered tendencies and the “Peter Pan Generation” for our […]

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