Beware: Scammers + Coronavirus = an opportunity to prey on consumers and businesses!

  As the coronavirus continues to impact us all, scammers are using this as an opportunity to prey on consumers and businesses in a big way. We talk a lot about scams in our blogs and try to make you aware of the latest and greatest so you can keep yourselves and your loved ones […]

    By: Stephanie Bloom The last few days and the next few weeks are sure to test all of us. We have all gone through moments of fear, worry and sadness. Personally, I have found comfort reading the story of Isaac Newton during the Great Plague of London, which killed over one-quarter of London’s […]

Beating the Bear (Market!)

    By: Jack K. Riashi, Jr., CFP® This past week was so unusual that it may well have been the first week ever where every day was one of the 100 best or worst days for the S & P 500 Index since 1928!  It also ended one of the longest bull markets in […]

My new home. My new investment?

    By: Stephanie Bloom Over the last few years, most of my friends have become homeowners. My husband and I jumped on the “American Dream” train and bought a home in a historic neighborhood in Detroit. When talking to friends about home ownership, they’ll often say things like: “Your home is a great investment! […]

Millennials get scammed too!

By: Jennifer Bloom When most people hear about scams, I think the assumption is that older adults are the ones impacted. However, a recent consumers report tells a very different story. Millennials are actually 25% more likely to report losing money to fraud then people over 40.  The report also found that millennials are twice […]

Why do I need an estate plan?

     By: Stephanie Bloom I need an estate plan? You’re sure? But I don’t have any children? Yes. Yes. Yes. For me, estate planning felt like a very “adult” thing to do. It felt like the kind of thing I’d put on the back burner until we had 2.5 kids and a house with […]

Stay Calm During Market Corrections

    By: Jack K. Riashi, Jr., CFP® As I write this blog, markets are reeling from concerns over the coronavirus that seems to be spreading beyond Asia, where it originated.  The number of people infected has risen to about 50,000 while the number who have died has surpassed other virus’ deaths like SARS that […]

Cash In On Your Spring Cleaning!

  By: Jennifer Bloom Groundhogs and weather forecasters are predicting an early spring this year— let’s hope! While the temperatures are cold, I think it’s time to start thinking about some spring cleaning, and how you can turn your closet and unwanted items into cold hard cash! Technology has simplified the process of buying and […]

The Newlyweds Checklist

By: Stephanie Bloom This last 4th of July weekend, my fiancé and I were married. After a 15-month engagement we were thrilled for the weekend to arrive. The 4-day affair was full of events and fun for out-of-towners – everything was spectacular (despite the rain). After a few days in Northern Michigan to recover, we […]

  By Stephanie Bloom Losing a loved one is never easy. The last thing anyone ever wants to think about is the paperwork and necessary to do list. At times it can be challenging to even try to process anything else while grieving. Funeral arrangements are of course a priority, but there are also a […]

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