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  I was watching TV recently when a commercial came on about annuities. The commercial made it out that annuities were the best things since sliced bread claiming that you could not lose money with them and they were an investment everyone should have, particularly in retirement. Like most commercials, there was some truth in it; […]

Home Equity Loan – (Q & A)

  Dear Rick: I have a problem that I hope you can help me with. I have talked to a couple of people but I don’t trust them. I am 55 and recently unexpectedly unemployed. I get severance pay and that ends at the end of September. I am going to try to find another […]

  Recently, I met with a longtime client of mine who told me that he and his wife are thinking about moving out of state to be closer to their daughter and grandchildren. He wanted to know what issues he should be considering in deciding whether to make the move or not. I thought I […]

  Q Dear Rick: We are planning our summer vacation and I was curious as to what precautions we should take before we leave. Also do you have any warnings for when we are on our vacation? Joe   A Dear Joe: I love the way you think. It is important to take precautions when […]

Preparing for Retirement

  The other day I met with a potential new client. The woman was in her early 60s and was recently divorced. She received a lump-sum settlement on her divorce and she came in to discuss with me how the money should be invested. She has never invested money before and has never had an […]

    Dear Rick: I have three grandchildren who I would like to help out financially. They’re all in their early 20s, single and they all have decent jobs. They make between $30,000 and $50,000 a year. I want to help them save money for their retirement. The question is what is the best way […]

Graduations ~ Rick Bloom

  I first want to take this opportunity to congratulate all the graduates who will be graduating high school and college over the next few months. Graduating is an accomplishment that we should never take for granted and we should all honor the dedication and discipline it takes to graduate. All the graduates ought to […]

  Dear Rick: I have decided to lend a friend some money. I’ve read your columns over the years and I know your thoughts on lending money. I know I should get something in writing but I just feel very uncomfortable to ask for it. This is a very dear friend, and I am willing […]

U.S. Savings Bonds

  The other day when I was at the dog park I was approached by an individual who had some questions regarding U.S. Savings Bonds. The gentleman wanted my thoughts on using U.S. Savings Bonds to save for his granddaughter’s college education. He just had his very first grandchild and he wanted to do something […]

Tax Issue – (Q & A)

  I have a tax issue that I hope you can help me with. A few years ago my wife and I got divorced. After the divorce I continued to use the same tax person. It is the same tax person my ex also uses. This year I decided to make a change. My new […]

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