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Cancelling Annuities ~ (Q&A)

  QUESTION: I recently gave a talk at one of our local libraries, and at the end of my talk, a gentleman approached me and asked me if I could answer a couple of annuity-related questions. I thought I would share my answers here. He told me that a few days before the seminar he […]

  At times it may not feel like it outside, but it is spring which means it’s not a bad idea to do some spring cleaning of your financial records. I know some people save every bill they ever received. Why someone thinks they’ll ever need their electric bill from 1995 is beyond me. In […]

Tax Questions ~ (Q&A)

  Dear Rick: I quit my job about a month ago. I just couldn’t deal with my boss anymore. When I went to have my 401(k) transferred into an IRA, I was told that I have 60 days to repay the loan on my 401(k) or I will be taxed on the money. My first […]

  As you read this column you have less than two weeks to file your 2018 tax return. Completing tax returns is always stressful, particularly, if you complete them yourself. Therefore, my advice is as opposed to stressing yourself out, if you haven’t completed your tax return or you haven’t even accumulated your information yet, […]

Financial Questions ~ (Q&A)

  Dear Rick: I’m in my early 50s, divorced with two adult children. My game plan is to work another 10 years and then retire. I will have a pension and that with Social Security and money in my 401(k) and IRA should be more than enough. I have just received an inheritance of about […]

(Q & A) Owing the IRS

  Dear Rick: I have a problem I hope you can help me with. I just did my tax return, and to my surprise I owe money. Last year I received money from a lawsuit that I was involved in. I never thought that I would have to pay taxes on that money. Unfortunately for […]

Child Identity Theft

  There’s no question that if you are a parent to a minor child, in today’s world you have your hands full. Not only are there the traditional parent responsibilities, but in today’s world, because of technology, you have additional issues that parents didn’t face in the past. One of those additional issues that you […]

Down Payment Assistance Programs

  Dear Rick: I have a question that I hope you can help me with. Currently, I am divorced and I have been renting a home. My landlord has offered to sell me the home, and I very much would like to buy it. I went to a mortgage company to discuss getting a mortgage […]

Home Improvement

  It is official; we made it through another winter as spring arrives this week. Whether Mother Nature recognizes that spring is here is, of course, another question. That being said, before too long, many of us are going to assess the damage done by winter to our homes. Therefore, as a result, we will […]

  Dear Rick: I have a couple tax questions that I hope you can help me with. Last summer I took a leave of absence from my job and spent a few months in Florida helping my elderly parents. By a stroke of luck, I was able to rent out my condo for a couple […]

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