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Estate Planning

I recently lost my mom. For the last couple of years she had a variety of health issues that eventually caught up with her. I don’t care how prepared you are, it is always difficult to lose a parent. That being said, what would have made things even more difficult is if I didn’t have […]

Finances After Divorce

  Dear Rick: I have a couple of different questions that I hope you can help me with. My situation is I’m in my early 50s and was divorced earlier this year. I was married for over 25 years and during that time period we always filed a joint return. Last April my husband and […]

Year-End Planning

  With the weather as nice as it’s been, it seems a little early to write a column like this; however, the calendar says otherwise. What I am referring to is year-end planning. It’s hard to believe we’re talking year-end; however, as we enter the fourth quarter of 2018, we realize there’s not much time […]

Voting Your Proxy Statement

  Dear Rick: I’ve been a mutual fund investor for years and the other day I received a call from a company and they basically were encouraging me to vote my proxy statement. I’ve never voted in the past and I was surprised that I received a phone call. My first question is why do […]

Knowing When to Accept a Deal or Offer

  I recently had a call from a client who stated that he received an offer that sounded so good that he couldn’t believe it. He wanted my opinion as to whether he should pursue the deal or not. Basically, the deal dealt with refinancing his home using a home equity loan. The client currently […]

(Q & A) Pre-Nuptial Agreement

  Dear Rick: I have an estate planning issue I hope you can help me with. About 10 years ago I got married for the second time. At that time I decided that it would make sense to do a pre-nuptial agreement, which we did. As part of that pre-nuptial agreement we both agreed to […]

Estate Planning

  Michigan just lost another icon with the death of Aretha Franklin. Amidst all the tributes and stories about Aretha and her career, I read an article that stated she passed away without a will or a trust. According to her attorney, he advised her to do some estate planning, but for whatever reason, it […]

Retirement Issue – (Q & A)

    Dear Rick: I have a situation that I need some advice on. About 20 years ago my dad who was a widower at the time, decided to retire and move to Florida. He sold his house up here and bought a home in Florida. He told me that Social Security will cover just […]

Senior Citizens and Bankruptcy

  You may be surprised to hear, and I admit I was surprised too, that bankruptcies in one sector of our country have increased dramatically. The sector of our country where bankruptcies are on the rise is not the millennial generation but rather, it is senior citizens. If you go back to 1991, less than […]

  Dear Rick: I have a couple questions that I hope you can help me with. Earlier this year my uncle passed and my sister and I were the beneficiaries of everything. My uncle did not have a will, but he had beneficiaries on everything. We have collected on everything, closed out his accounts and […]

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