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Roth IRA Conversion

  Dear Rick: I have a couple questions about my situation. I am in my mid-40s and divorced. I was divorced last year in a difficult divorce. Under the divorce settlement, I had to pay my ex alimony for a year. Since the alimony was based upon my income, I decided to quit my job […]

Marriott Data Breach

  It seems we all have become somewhat numb about data breaches. They happen so often that too many of us have a ho-hum attitude towards them. Unfortunately, you can’t afford to have that attitude because data breaches are serious and they can not only cause you a significant amount of aggravation, but also have […]

  Dear Rick: I always find your articles to be very helpful. I write in regards to a recent article outlining estate planning; I have a few questions. 1) Can the two documents regarding the legal and medical powers of attorney be included in a will, or are they separate documents which stand alone? 2) […]

    Dear Rick: I think I’ve been given some bad tax advice that I hope you can help me with. Last year my mom turned 70½. She was told she did not have to take a minimum required distribution until next year, which is this year, which she did back in March. My mother […]

Unclaimed Property

Every year or so I write a column about unclaimed property and I thought it would be a good idea to do one of those columns now. There are literally tens of billions of dollars of assets that owners have forgotten about turned over to the government. These include things such as bank accounts, payroll […]

Tax Issue

  I have a tax question that I hope you can help me with. My father passed last year. About six months before he passed, he gifted me a variety of stocks that he had held for years. In total, I received about $100,000 worth of stocks. When my father passed, I inherited an additional […]

General Motors Buyout Offer

  Just after releasing better than expected third quarter earnings, General Motors announced that it was offering buyouts to approximately 18,000 salary workers in North America. Currently, General Motors has approximately 50,000 North America salary workers, which means that approximately 36 percent of GM’s North American salary workers are eligible for the buyout. In order […]


  Dear Rick: I was at one of your recent talks, and I talked to you afterwards about my situation. I have a couple follow up questions I hope you can help me with. Basically, my situation was that I am a widow, retired and turned 70 in September. Monthly, I receive two pensions and […]

Holiday Spending

  It’s hard to believe but the holidays are right around the corner. It seems every year the stores are starting earlier and earlier with their holiday sales. It used to be that the Friday after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) signified the beginning of the holiday season. Today, the sales are starting earlier with many stores […]

Volatility in the Market

As I’m sure you noticed over the last few weeks the markets have been in decline. In fact, the stock market gains of 2018 have basically been wiped out. As investors, the issue is what happened, how long will it last and what should you do now. In looking at the recent decline there is […]

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