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    By: Stephanie Bloom After spending the last year working with my dad (Ken Bloom) and uncle (Rick Bloom), friends have begun to reach out for financial advice. I am often asked questions like, “am I on track?”, “at this point in my career, how much should I be saving?”, “what sort of benchmarks […]

By Ken Bloom, J.D., LLM Every year at this time I am amused when reading the investment publications, financial websites or hearing on TV shows that trumpet market predictions for the coming year. CNBC devotes entire shows to market forecasts. Investors believe that if they follow these market gurus they are guaranteed success. I am […]

Today we are launching a Blog for Bloom Asset Management. Each week, financial advisors and attorneys on our staff will post their insight on the stock market, the economy, estate planning and other timely financial topics. With the continued volatility in the markets and the global economy, we are excited to have this medium available […]

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