Am I on track? | Questions for consideration at different phases

Tag: Retirement Planning

    By: Stephanie Bloom After spending the last year working with my dad (Ken Bloom) and uncle (Rick Bloom), friends have begun to reach out for financial advice. I am often asked questions like, “am I on track?”, “at this point in my career, how much should I be saving?”, “what sort of benchmarks […]

Retirement Confidence Crumbles Again

March is the month everyone should mark down in their calendars as “retirement awakening month.” That’s because every year since 1991 the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) has released its Annual Retirement Confidence Survey results in March ( This year, the results were not comforting at all and it begs the question, Why? With all […]

This time of year I see many articles regarding where to live in retirement. This is a tough question. During our working years, we all dream of our favorite places to live. If we like the water or golfing we think of warm places like Florida or Myrtle Beach. If we like to ski we […]

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